Recently, a Kirkland man awoke in agony, his neck twisted in an unmistakable torticollis pattern — his head tilted to one side, his chin tipped in the opposite direction, and one of his shoulders raised higher than the other. This condition, acquired torticollis, results from damage to the muscles and/or nerves, but it’s sometimes difficult to determine the exact occurrence that triggered the damage. This patient believes a work related incident was the cause.

An active man who loves running track and playing baseball, our Kirkland patient has been sidelined by his horribly painful torticollis. He contacted Dr. Ben Baker of Prime Spine chiropractic center for help; the patient is ready for a treatment strategy of regular visits, along with wellness counseling to get his health and life back on track and eliminate his use of pain medication.

Treating torticollis involves unclenching and bringing relief to the tightened muscles of the neck and upper spine area. Family chiropractor Dr. Baker offers help that can positively impact this Kirkland man’s pain; through a combination of vertebrae adjustments to realign his upper back and neck, and both massage and trigger point therapies to address the muscle tightness, this patient should see a vast improvement. He’ll find his pain diminished and his range of motion increased, and should be able to rid himself of the need for medications in the near future.

If you’re experiencing any type of neck or upper back pain that’s been affecting your quality of life, it’s important to know that help is close by. A visit to Prime Spine and our chiropractor, Dr. Baker, offers you the best option to rid your body of pain and get back to living a full life.