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At PrimeSpine we are avid runners.  We are known for being a huge part of the Kirkland Running community. Movement is life and that’s what we love to do.  Your body craves daily exercise and running is an essential piece to our fitness.

If you’ve ever experienced foot pain during running or standing at work please get assessed for ALINE custom inserts for your shoes.  Dr. Baker can assess and fit you in the office and help you take your running to the next level while increasing comfort.

Meet Your Feet

Feet have been evolving for millions of years and are wonders of biomechanical engineering.  Your feet support your weight, absorb shock when you jump, walk or run, act as a lever to propel your legs forward, and balance your body as it moves.  Each individual foot is a complex machine made up of 26 bones and 33 joints linked by a series of muscles, ligaments and tendons.  They are incredibly well suited for moving over the types of terrain humans encountered for 99.9% of their evolution.  Kirkland running specialists have agreed with us that foot support is essential to joint health.

The last couple hundred years the conditions feet face have changed the way we move in a tremendously unnatural way.  Pavement and other hard surfaces combined with poor footwear designs now make the foot poorly suited for this new world.  Modern athletic footwear is designed to cushion the foot and protect the sole from abrasions and wounds.  It is NOT designed to optimize the foot’s natural performance.  These types of footwear which changed our natural stride have resulted in an astronomical increase in leg and lower back injuries.

Visit Aline.com to learn more about foot alignment and how it can help you!


The Details About ALINE FOOTWEAR

Most footwear, especially flip flops, rob you of performance by weakening your foot structures.  Ideally, you would wear athletic shoes with your ALINEs all day every day.  We understand that this is not going to happen.  What is possible is limited the amount of time spent in improper footwear through a “footwear diet.”  Basically, wear your flip flops to the beach, and athletic shoes when working out or spending any significant time on your feet.  Any time spent in your ALINEs will be time spent strengthening your feet.

The first time you wear your ALINEs you will notice a different feel than most other footwear you have worn before.  Due to the fact they work through strengthening the feet, there can be a breaking in period for some people, usually those with particularly bad alignment problems.

A good rule of thumb is that if an insole feels like nothing, its doing nothing!

Start by wearing your ALINEs for a few hours the first day, and increasing this every day up until you no longer feel any discomfort.

Remember, because ALINEs are essentially a continuous workout for your feet, until you grow accustomed to them, there could be some soreness, THIS IS NORMAL.

If you feel discomfort after the first week “Pre-Launch” phase it may be due to some of the following factors.

  1. Your ALINE does not fit your the footwear. Remove each ALINE and place it back-to-back with the stock insole that came with the shoe. If the Aline is larger than the stock insole you should trim your ALINE to match.  Your shoes may be laced to tightly for the new ALINEs. Take the time to re-lace your shoes and go for a several small walks. ALINEs help maintain your natural arches and your foot will naturally position higher in footwear.
  2. Your foot may have an inflare or bunion that is shifting your foot on your ALINEs. Simple modifications to footwear such as changing lacing or stretching will accommodate the shape of your foot. Consult with a shoe fitter or purchase footwear that allows for inflare.
  3. Your feet may be more sensitive than average. Restart the first week “Pre-Launch” schedule of one hour per day, increasing the time you use your ALINEs by an hour each day.
  4. Try your ALINEs in different shoes. Some shoes have dramatic arch and heel lifts that may interfere with the alignment of your ALINEs.
  5. Your socks may be too thick or wrinkled under your foot. Your ALINEs are made from materials textured to resist lateral shearing and improve performance. Remove sock wrinkles and unlace your footwear to insert your foot. Baby powder is recommended for very tight athletic footwear.
  6. Your foot may have an undiagnosed medical condition or be too rigid for an arch support. If the discomfort persists you should refer to your medical professional.

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