A Bellevue woman was suffering from crippling back pain. The pain was always present in her mid back as a dull throb, but would flare into the higher back and neck at times. Radiating pain drifted into her shoulders and throughout her abdomen. Twisting to look at something could be agonizing. Physical therapy was recommended with the implication that true relief could only be found through surgery.

Fortunately, surgery would not prove to be necessary. 

A neighbor suggested that she try a chiropractor and gave her the name of a reputable clinic in Kirkland. Deciding that she had nothing to lose, she went to meet with the chiropractor.

That was six months ago, and I am so pleased to report that surgery is no longer a concern because the pain is gone. I am that Bellevue woman who could barely turn to look at her children playing and driving a car was always tedious. The problem was a herniated disc in my mid-back, the result of slipping and falling onto a desk at work. Regular adjustments slowly shifted the bulging disc back into the proper place. As the disc returned to position, the pain subsided. Even the dull throb that I had lived with for so many months finally went away. Full range of motion returned and I felt like a new woman.

Part of my treatment with Dr. Baker also included learning about small things at home that I could change to help keep the disc in its proper place. I learned about proper lifting techniques, the importance of not twisting myself unnaturally when falling and even how to sleep in back-friendly positions. The changes in lifestyle he suggested are easy to follow and the difference they make has proven to be huge. My only regret is not going to the chiropractor sooner.


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