How many steps do you take in the average day, don’t you think having proper foot support is important?  Have you ever considered the value of having proper foot support?  Consider the health of not just your feet but also the impact am insufficient arch can do to your joints in your ankles, knees, hips and low back.  PrimeSpine’s has chiropractic offices in Kirkland & Bellevue and treats many patients ( including runners & bikers) with pain caused by bad arch support.

Chiropractic treatment can fix pain issues that are caused by bad arches in your feet. This is the great northwest and most people live active lifestyles. The long term effects of running, biking, golf, soccer, and other active sports can go unnoticed.

The root cause for most knee pain and back pain is caused from these types of issues. Don’t wait, if you have knee pain or foot pain see a chiropractor at PrimeSpine today.

If you are having foot back pain and are looking to improve the quality of your exercise, you must have the proper foot support.  Please visit PrimeSpine in Kirkland to get assessed today.  If you are in need of foot support, our Kirkland Chiropractor will let you know what to do.

For your foot support needs in Kirkland & Bellevue, visit Dr. Baker or Dr. Matthews today