Fibromyalgia Treatment in Bellevue & Kirkland

Fibromyalgia is a condition that sidelines many Americans daily.  This is a very real stress that can put a huge damper on peoples lives.  PrimeSpine’s Chiropractic clinics have extensive experience with patients who have fibromyalgia.  This disorder is described by many as the sole reason for their depression, disability or the primary reason for feeling a damper on their lives.

Fibromyalgia Key Symptoms

  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • An abnormal pain response. Areas in the brain that are responsible for pain may react differently in fibromyalgia patients.
  • Sleep disturbances, which are common in fibromyalgia patients.
  • An infectious microbe, such as a virus. At this point, no such virus or microbe has been identified.

Symptoms which are known to mimic fibromyalgia symptoms

Chiropractic care is one method of treating Fibromyalgia. Contact a PrimeSpine center today and speak with a chiropractor to development a treatment plan