Like most moms, I’m extremely busy. Between taking care of the kids and the house, plus volunteer work for the school and scouts, I barely have time to catch my breath. But back pain can cause anyone to slow down. The first time I felt that twinge I ignored it. Push on through, I told myself, because you don’t have time to lie on the couch. Those are famous last words. Ignore back pain and you will find yourself being forced to lie on the couch, because movement is simply too painful.

It started as a twinge in the lower back, and then progressed to a steady throb. I knew things were getting bad when I rolled over in bed one night and almost cried out from the pain that shot through my back and down my right leg.

I always sat at the bar stool in the kitchen to pay bills and almost fell over when I stood up one day and the pain that shimmered down my legs from my waist almost dropped me to the floor.

Soon I was having trouble dressing myself, and bending over to dress my children was impossible. Cooking dinner was all right, as long as I didn’t make the mistake of bending over the pot. When I found myself unable to rise from a sitting position, I finally broke down and decided to get some help.

Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine Chiropractic Care in Kirkland took x-rays of my back and informed me that I had degenerative discs in my lower back. The problem had grown so bad that several nerves were being pinched, causing the sciatic nerve pain I had been experiencing.

Dr. Baker not only brought me relief through regular adjustments, he also taught me what I needed to change to keep the pain away long-term. I love that I know how to prevent back pain. We not only talked about proper lifting, but also proper sitting and how to sleep properly. He even covered some general nutrition information that has helped me on my road to health. It took a few months to find full relief, and I require regular visits to prevent the discs from rubbing together again. But I am pain-free today, and have been for more than a year. I owe it all to chiropractic care, and my children and I all thank him for it.

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