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Stretches & Chiropractic Advice for People Who Work with Computers

Attention desk jockeys, you need to move.  Sitting still for extended periods of time on a daily basis is one of the least healthy things possible for our spines. I know that many people have busy and stressful jobs that require long, grueling hours sitting in front of computers. This article gives some tips for […]

Do You Have Microsoft Posture?

Americans on average spend between 8-10 hours a day sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen.  This increasing decline in workplace activity can take a toll of your body including poor posture and chronic neck and back pain.  This can often lead to a misalignment of the vertebrae known as Forward Head Posture […]

Kirkland Microsoft Employee Seeks Chiropractor to Help Relieve His Work Related Back Pain

Sitting behind a desk and working on a computer for hours every day doesn’t sound as though it would be hard on the body, but it causes lower back problems for many individuals, such as this Kirkland man. His workday is mostly spent on the computer; he enjoys his job but not the pain it’s creating in […]