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Five Tips to Reduce Neck & Back Pain Caused by Wearing a Purse

We’ve all heard a statement along these lines before; “I’m taking a break from wearing my purse, my shoulder is getting sore from all the weight.” Unfortunately, taking a break from wearing a heavy shoulder bag will not correct spinal misalignment. It will only reduce the immediate discomfort being felt. To correct the damage caused […]

Top Reasons Why Kids Should Utilize Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is often thought of for neck and low back pain.  This is often the first reason someone will seek treatment from a chiropractor.  There is a current buzz about children seeking chiropractic care. There are many reasons for this that go far beyond back and neck pain.  Children are developing postural habits every […]

Stretches & Chiropractic Advice for People Who Work with Computers

Attention desk jockeys, you need to move.  Sitting still for extended periods of time on a daily basis is one of the least healthy things possible for our spines. I know that many people have busy and stressful jobs that require long, grueling hours sitting in front of computers. This article gives some tips for […]