Top things needed to know before going to a Chiropractor


When looking for a chiropractor there are some things that you would need to know before you seek out your Bellevue Chiropractor. Chiropractic is a hands-on healthcare profession that provides an exam, diagnosis, treatment, and personalized care that helps prevent problems that affect the nervous system, spine, and other joints in the body related to your extremities. So the question could be for you is when should you go see a chiropractor? It would be in your best interest to seek out chiropractic care if you are experiencing any of the following problems or ailments, as these are the Top 10 research studies for chiropractic care:


– Sciatica or Sciatica type pain

– Low Back Pain or Neck Pain

– Tension or Migraine Headaches

– Colic or Ear Infections

– Any Neurological Conditions

– High Blood Pressure

– Prevention of Surgery

– Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

– Scoliosis

– Increase Athletic Performance


If you do or don’t have one of these problems listed above, and you are seeking out the care of a chiropractor, here are the Top Things that are needed to know before visiting a chiropractor.


  1. What Occurs During the Initial Consultation / Exam?


When you enter the chiropractic office you will have to fill out paperwork that will provide general information about yourself, current condition and reason for the visit. Once the paperwork is completed a detailed history will be taken with you from the chiropractor related to the nature of the problem, everyday activities, job activities, sports you play, and other recreational activities will be discussed. You will also have a comprehensive full body and spinal exam, neurological tests, orthopedic tests, active ranges of motion, and postural exam for the chiropractor to gather any and all of the important information relating to your condition. If X-rays are needed based on the initial exam, there will be x-rays taken of the area of complaint, which allows us to do a detailed examination and diagnosis of the problems that are occurring. These X-rays will be taken on site with our Digital X-ray machine at the time of the initial exam.


  1. What is the Chiropractor looking for and What is an Adjustment?


The chiropractor is looking for dysfunction in areas of your spine and body that are causing some sort of interference with your nerves giving you that pain, tingling, or numbness sensation that you are feeling. This dysfunction is called a Subluxation of the bones in your spine, and they are in a “stuck” position causing additional pressure or stress on the connection of these bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This additional stress or pressure creates more tension that is put on the spinal area where the nerves and blood vessels exit creating that pain, tingling, or numbness. An Adjustment is a very specific force given to the area of the spine or joints that are in a “stuck” position, allowing that area to restore its function and movement. This specific force to the spine or extremity is called a Chiropractic Adjustment.


  1. Will I be able to get an Adjustment on the 1st Visit?


Getting the adjustment on the first visit depends on what the chiropractor finds in your initial examination. During the initial exam there will be postural assessments, ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological tests, and muscle tests that will help the chiropractor determine the extent of the problem. If X-rays are needed to help determine the diagnosis for the problem, then the X-rays will be taken and looked at the see if there are any other issues that may cause additional areas of concern for further examinations. At that point the chiropractor will make a decision to give you an adjustment on your first visit. If No X-rays are needed, then the initial exam is straightforward and the chiropractor can give you the adjustment on the first visit.


  1. How much time does an Adjustment take in the office?


When looking at the time an adjustment takes it all depends on how much is going on with your initial complaint. Normally the actual adjustment could only take 5-10 minutes, but also there could be physical therapy and exercises that are also taking place during the same visit, which would add an additional 10-15 minutes to your time in the office. This adjustment will help your spine and body remove that area of nerve interference allowing your spine to have full motion and allowing the body to heal.


  1. What type of Adjustments do you offer, and are they gentle?


There are a handful of different techniques that are offered for chiropractic adjustments. With these different techniques that are used, most chiropractors will offer multiple techniques that are gentle, safe, and effective to help you get out of pain and get back to your life. There is no single approach or technique that is the perfect fit for everyone, so a chiropractor that has a handful of different techniques will help you with your speedy recovery. Most chiropractors use their hands to do the adjustment, but there are additional tools like the Activator, ArthroStim, Drop Table, Graston, and other tools that can aid you to your recovery faster. All of these types of techniques are very gentle and safe, and offer you the variety of a low force technique.


  1. Does the Chiropractor provide care to the Entire Family?


Chiropractic care is not only for adults but also for children as well. The problems that we have as adults could be due to a fall or trauma that occurred when we were younger, or even arise from the moment we were born. Many of the bad posture habits that we experience as an adult could have started when we were younger. Finding a chiropractor with the capability of taking on care for your entire family can be a good move in the right direction when looking for the right chiropractor for you or you and your family. Seeing a chiropractor regularly throughout a child and adult’s life can maintain their bodies natural defense system at an optimum level, and maintains the structure of the spine allowing it to grow the way its supposed to grow naturally. There is a saying from a wise person that stated, “prevention is always better than a cure.”


  1. Does the Chiropractor only do Adjustments to the spine?


Chiropractors mainly look to the spine for any misalignments that may be causing irritation, which could be what is creating the pain, tingling or numbness sensation that you are possibly feeling. These adjustments are made not only in the spine but also in your arms and legs. Chiropractors should be looking at the entire body for any areas that are not moving in the normal range of motion. Your arms include your shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, and there is a lot of stress that can be put on your arms during the course of your daily activities. There are multiple points along your arms that can create a problem with pinching a nerve, bones being out of alignment, or muscle problems. This also is the same for your legs, which consist of your hips, knees, ankles and feet. With your feet if they are not correctly aligned, this alters the pattern of movement that goes up through the knee and into the hip. This could cause hip pain and potentially low back pain and problems. Chiropractic is for the entire body, as you use your entire body every day so should it get evaluated like your spine.


  1. What is that “Popping” sound that occurs when the adjustment happens?


When the Chiropractor makes and adjustment there may be a release of gas from the joint, which makes that “Popping” sound. This release of gas is similar to a concept like opening a jar of jelly. When you buy that jelly jar and open it for the first time you get a “POP” sound, as the air was released from the internal seal of the jar itself. This release of the air creates that “Popping” sound that you hear. This sound is created because there is a change in pressure that is inside the joint. With the “popping” sound make from an adjustment the goal is the find those joints that have more of a restricted movement and a smaller range of motion compared to other joints. This sound that you hear is called a cavitation, which is the same sound you hear when someone cracks their own knuckles.


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