The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy


Massage has been practiced for thousands of years.   According to the Massage Therapy Association more than 25% of American adults had a massage within the last year.

There are many styles and techniques practiced by therapists.

There are a few techniques that we utilize in Bellevue PrimeSpine to assist in healing of our patients and promoting overall wellness.

The first technique is deep tissue massage treatment.  This is a technique that is often employed to work out muscle adhesion, trigger points and assist in postural correction.  The benefits from deep tissue massage are wide, reduction in tension and correction of poor posture are at the top of the list.

Medical massage is also a technique of massage therapy that our Bellevue massage therapists are expects at.  This technique is utilized to help correct the damage one receives from a sports injury, whiplash, a car accident or a slip or fall.

Swedish massage is a more gentle and relaxing style of massage.  This is helpful for stress reduction which has a myriad of health benefits.  Our bodies can not function properly and up to their potential when we are under stress.  A relaxing therapeutic massage treatment is another one of the focuses our Bellevue massage therapy team is very familiar with.

Prenatal massage is a specialty that helps pregnant women through their months leading up to delivery.  The benefits range from relaxation to pelvic balancing.

Due to the everyday stresses of sitting at a desk, working on a computer or manual labor nearly everyone is a candidate for some form of therapeutic massage treatments.  Massage is often covered through medical insurance and can be essential for living up to ones potential.