Healthy Activities for those suffering from Low Back Pain

Many of us are plagued with low back flare-ups, sharp lumbar pain or chronic aching low back pain. Finding daily activities to help feel better is essential. This article describes healthy activities to combat a chronic aching back.

Going for a walk: Movement is key to feeling healthy, alert and it can lower pain levels. One of the worst things we can do is be stagnant. We were designed to be active, mobile people. You don’t have to be an ultra-marathoner or run 5ks to get out and get a great workout. Studies have shown that walking 30 minutes per day has a dramatic improvement on almost all body chemistry levels.

Your attitude matters: New research shows that a hands-off educational and behavioral approach to pain management is effective.
Researchers say people in a study who suffered from short-duration low back pain responded well to counseling programs that explored their attitudes toward pain and urged them to exercise and resume routine activities despite their discomfort.

Stretching : Doing 5 minutes of low back stretches daily can make a considerable amount of low back pain disappear. A very common pattern many develop from sitting throughout the day is called lower cross syndrome. Refer to the link below for tips on a 5 minute stretching routine that will help restore balance to the muscles surrounding the low back.

Swimming: What a great activity, swimming is very low impact and puts gentle movement into the lumbar spine and pelvis. Those who are in too much pain to walk often find great relief by either walking or swimming in a pool.

Getting mobile is the key to improving low back aches. Get out there and get moving today!