Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?

Did you know chiropractic care is covered through most major medical plans.  This includes: major health insurance carrier, workers’ compensation, Medicare, personal injury, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for federal employees.

Many people are unaware that there are so many ways to get chiropractic care covered. What about your chiropractic care atPrimeSpine in Bellevue & Kirkland locations? I’m so glad you asked. We accept:

·      Aetna

·      LifeWise

·      Cigna

·      First Choice Health

·      Premera Blue Cross

·      Regence

·      United Healthcare

& Many More


If you don’t see your provider listed, refer to our website for more that are also included.

How does the process work?
As far as insurance companies are concerned, visiting PrimeSpine Chiropractic Centers is just like visiting your primary care doc, dentist, or physical therapist.


Some health care clinics and offices will leave the insurance paperwork up to you to submit and complete, At PrimeSpine, we bill your insurance directly. All you have to do is bring your insurance card into the office on your first appointment and we will take it from there.


Is there a copay?
Many plans do have co-pays which are usually the same or similar to visiting your other medical providers. A co-pay is a small fee some patients are required to pay when visiting a medical provider.  Each plan is different in regards to the amount that is due.


What if I lack health insurance or know my insurance has a large deductible?
We are aware that many people who are desperately in need of our services are in the situation.  Dr. Baker and his staff will work with anyone to find a plan and fee structure that is possible.


Hopefully this has cleared up any questions one may have regarding health insurance and how to process works when visiting a chiropractic clinic.