Top Reasons Why Kids Should Utilize Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is often thought of for neck and low back pain.  This is often the first reason someone will seek treatment from a chiropractor.  There is a current buzz about children seeking chiropractic care. There are many reasons for this that go far beyond back and neck pain.  Children are developing postural habits every day and they are under some of the same stressors that adults are and also have some unique challenges which directly affect their posture.

In todays rapidly expanding technological rise, kids are using cell phones, having their own computers and using technology at record breaking rates and extremely early ages. They are in danger of creating chronic postural imbalances that can stick with them for their whole adult lives.  As a chiropractor in Bellevue & Kirkland, I get to see the effects of these children who are involved in high tech families.

 Top Reasons Why Kids Should Utilize Chiropractic

Reasons for kids seeking chiropractic care at an early age

      They are sitting at computers and desk constantly

They are at risk of developing forward head posture and forward shoulders because of the extreme amount of time sitting

Record numbers of kids are experiencing tension headaches and other posture induced pains and aches

Kids spines are still developing and starting them on a regiment to improve posture will help them as they age

Kids spines are not as cemented in positions yet, they don’t have spinal degeneration and scar tissue yet because of their age, this is a great thing, they have the ability to correct and improve their posture quicker than adults

Technology is not going away, it will likely continue to progress and more hours will be spent using computers and technology.  It’s imperative to help them learn healthy positions to help them take into adulthood

Children are at record levels for being overweight and obese.  Seeking chiropractic treatment early will help them learn ways to be more active with their spines and develop healthy posture

Proper posture has been shown to improve concentration

The nervous system is directly connected to our spines, good posture promotes better nervous system function

As you can see, there are a myriad of reasons why children should see chiropractors.  Getting children started off in life with good spinal health is the most effective way to ensure proper development.  If chiropractic is important for adults and seniors, it should be used for kids as well.  Remember, health insurance plans cover children for chiropractic care just like it does for adults.  Please do your children a favor and have them checked by your neighborhood chiropractor today.