What is sciatica?

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that many people experience. They feel sharp radiating pain or sensation going down the back of their leg. It usually starts in the pelvis. They feel it down the back the back of their butt. It goes into the back of their leg and sometimes all the way down into the foot. Now, sciatica is a very painful condition, and it is often treated through chiropractic, massage therapy and stretching. The
mechanism of what is going on with sciatica comes from two things.

One, it comes from improper bio-mechanics and improper balance of the pelvic section and lumbar spine. When you have an imbalance, misalignment, torquing of the Pelvis, it’s common to put more pressure on all the soft tissue around the Sciatic nerve.

Now, the sciatic nerve usually gets inflamed and tightened in the muscle area called the pisiforms which is right below the PSIS part of the pelvis, or the ilium. Through chiropractic treatment, with realignment Improving the balanced pelvis, and improving the proper range of motion and proper bio-mechanics  we can often take the pressure off of the piriformis muscle and ultimately eliminate sciatic pain completely. This is a great way to naturally treat sciatica. We’re not medicating it. We’re not hiding from the pain of it. We’re looking at why it’s going on, what factors are causing this, and aiming to correct this so that it does not come back.

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