Treatment of back spasm

Back spasms are very common and they increase with aging. Back spasms can be defined as sudden, involuntary contractions of the muscles, usually resulting in cramps or convulsions. It is one of the most common causes of back pain. Some of the options of the treatment of the back spasmsare:

  1. Bed rest
  3. Muscle relaxants
  4. Botulinum injections.
  5. Ice packs
  6. Physiotherapy

Chiropractics mainly specialize in the disorders with the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic manipulations can also be used for the treatment of the back spasms. It is becoming increasingly popular among people with spasm problems as compared with other medical procedures. Chiropractics use manual manipulations to treat patients. They apply manual thrust for the relief of symptoms. Chiropractic procedures can be very effective in the treatment of back spasms. According to the experts, muscle spasms are the body’s way of protecting the spinal joints from further injury. Chiropractors use their manipulation to reduce muscle spasms by treating the fixated joint or joints that may be contributing to the spasm, using joint mobilization or manipulation delivered to the appropriate vertebrae. Chiropractic care helps in increasing the flexibility of the soft tissue of the spine and reduces the pressure that occurs from any restricted and minor misalignments of individual vertebral joint segments. This adjustment helps to eliminate any nerve interference created from the dysfunctional area.  This can be achieved by breaking down scar tissue through techniques which adjust the spine,  re-aligning the attached vertebrae, as well as performing release techniques to the fibrous portion of the soft tissue.

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