Treatment of the lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common complain affecting around 80% of the people. Lower back comprises of the lumbar vertebra and any trauma to these vertebra or inter vertebral disc may cause severe pain in the lower back because of the compression of the nerve or soft tissue sprain or strain.

Treatment of lower back pain includes a wide range of possibilities. Usually drug therapy relives the symptoms for a short period of time and then again the pain comes back with the same intensity. So, drugs cannot be completely relied upon when we talk about the long term or permanent treatment of lower back pain.

Some other options in the treatment of the lower back pain include:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Capsaicin cream
  3. Vitamin D supplements.
  4. Music  therapy
  5.  Hot and cold compresses.
  6. Analgesics.
  7. Physical therapy
  8. Massage
  9. Comprehensive rehabilitation programs
  10. Biofeedback

Another important and increasingly becoming popular treatment of lower back pain is the chiropractic treatment. Spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is considered safe in the treatment of lower back pain.

A chiropractor will use manual manipulation and mobilization in an effort to re-align the vertebrae in the back. Usually, during the procedure, the chiropractor will start with a case history determining where the pain is located, duration of the pain and what factors worsen or ease the pain.

In the case of lower back pain, the movements assigned by the chiropractors usually include, bending forward, bending backwards and bending towards the sides.

Chiropractic procedures have minimal side effects and a lot of patients report a relief of symptoms.


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