Kirkland Dental Assistant and Active Athlete with Regence Seeks Chiropractic Treatment for Severe Neck and Upper Back Pain after Car Accident

Severe injury resulted when our patient was rear-ended at a red light. Prior to the accident, she ran for enjoyment and exercise, and competed in track and gymnastics in the Kirkland area. Because of the injury, she is unable to take part in her favored sport activities. Additionally, because of sharp pain and extreme stiffness, she is prevented from performing her duties as a dental assistant, and is on leave from her job. Dental assistants must be able to bend over easily, and she is not able to extend or bend her back without excruciating pain.

Pain medication prescribed by her physician has not resolved matters. Chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, was recommended by her cousin, who had whiplash injuries from an accident a few years ago, and recovered only after after visiting our Kirkland chiropractic center for treatment. Family chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker can offer the single most effective course of treatment to recover from whiplash, including the neck and back pain and headache that often result from this type of injury. We combine chiropractic care with massage and trigger point therapy, to help our patients make complete recoveries.

Thorough investigation of whiplash injuries by a chiropractor is the key to recovery. Dr. Ben Baker has extensive experience treating patients with these injuries. His familiarity with the symptoms, obvious or not, ensures that our patient will be able to resume her job and her athletic activities as soon as is appropriate.

Don’t wait for something as serious as a car accident to get the chiropractic relief you need. Call or complete our online form, and see what Dr. Ben Baker can do to get you back to your pain-free, energetic self.


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