Duvall Runner and Eventual Mom-to-be with Regence Intends to Halt Work Related Lower Back Pain Through Chiropractic Treatment

Unrelenting severe lower back pain over the last month brought a Duvall woman to our chiropractic center to explore options to reduce her current pain and prevent future episodes. She believes her injury is work related, and is very frustrated as the pain makes running, her favorite sport, almost impossible to do. Twisting or even just standing causes a sharp pain in her lower back, and she is fearful her posture is worsening, and perhaps contributing, to the ongoing problem.

She and her husband were planning to start a family soon, but the serious back pain has her rethinking this important decision. Pregnancy can strain the back under the most ideal conditions, and she is unwilling to take this life changing action until her back has healed and she has discussed and implemented a plan to correct the cause of her symptoms.

Chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, has extensive experience caring for people with lower back pain, and is well-trained in proactive treatments to improve posture to reduce current pain and prevent flare-ups in the future. Dr. Ben Baker became a chiropractor in part because chiropractic treatment changed his life, freeing him from chronic back pain and permitting him to run competitively. He empathizes completely with our Duvall patient because he understands both the reality of the pain and the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. He will work with this patent to correct her specific symptoms until she is pain-free and on her way to a lifetime of proper posture, at work and at home, ensuring all options are open to her and her, hopefully, expanding family.

Be proactive about your own back health and contact family chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, today to schedule a consultation. Give us a call, or use our handy online form to share your story.


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