Bellevue Baseball Player With First Choice Health Finds Help at Dr. Baker’s Chiropractic Center

A Bellevue baseball player and office worker was beginning to notice strange sensations in his hands and feet of pins and needles like they were falling asleep. The numbness in his hands and feet are sometimes painful and a frequent nuisance for our Bellevue patient. Once an athlete, running and playing baseball, he now found these activities to be more difficult.

The patient is now taking Vitorin to address his symptoms, as suggested by his doctor. Because the medication is not helping treat the symptoms and is causing side effects, our patient would like to get off of the medication and use chiropractic treatment.

The Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker is an expert helping patients deal with their pain with out the use of medications. At the Chiropractic Center he treats many patients who suffer the symptoms associated with putting in long hours in front of a computer at a desk. Dr. Baker is not only chiropractor but he has also been a patient suffering from similar injuries and has found relief through chiropractic treatment.

If you are suffering from aches and pains, numbness or other discomfort associated with long hours of computer desk work, be sure to give the chiropractor call today. We can help you find freedom from pain, with out the risks associated with prescription medications. The Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker has experience in a number of techniques which are both safe and effective.


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