Redmond Man With Regence Finds Relief from Neck Pain From Dr. Ben Baker

People don’t usually think of sitting in front of a desk for eight to twelve hours a day as being physically demanding. Yet after years of this our patient from Redmond is suffering from a number of ailments associated with this. While his main complaint is back pain, he is also suffering from headaches, neck pain and sinus pain.

From his visit to the chiropractic center the Redmond man wanted to find relief from severe pain in his neck that is making it hard to bend his head sideways, the constant sinus tension and his bilateral wrist pain. He also wanted to try to get off the medications he had been taking to control his symptoms. Before seeing the chiropractor he was taking Serzone 350 andKlonopin which left him feeling cloudy and didn’t help his symptoms that much to begin with anyways.

Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Ben Baker can provide great relief for those suffering from neck and back pain, as well as the patient’s symptoms of headaches and sinus pain. Studies have shown that visiting a chiropractor for treatment is the most effective treatment for back pain, above medications and surgery.

If you are living with pain you should make the call today to set up an appointment for a visit to our Prime Spine chiropractic center. Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker is a specialist in treating all sorts of different types of pain from back injuries and stress to car accidents, safely and naturally.


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