Bothell Car Accident Survivor With Premera Blue Cross Seeks Neck Pain Relief From Kirkland Chiropractor

A car accident often leaves invisible damage to the human body, even after the outward signs of injury have healed. One survivor from Bothell recently visited our Prime Spine chiropractic center in Kirkland, hoping that Dr. Baker would help relieve the pain she’s enduring. After almost losing her life when her car was struck and then crushed on the freeway, she wants to put her pain behind her, and get on with her life. Our patient is plagued by a low back ache on a daily basis, as well as pain on the left side of her neck that radiates down both arms, all the way to the tips of her fingers.

The symptoms that this Bothell woman is experiencing are classic signs of whiplash; when the body reacts to the forces exerted during a car crash, the spine is often affected from the neck all the way down to the low back. Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker specializes in helping accident victims suffering from whiplash. With the use of chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine, combined with trigger point and massage therapy to relax tensed muscles, Dr. Baker and the staff at our chiropractic center work with patients to resolve their pain.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are dealing with neck, shoulder or back pain, call our office, or complete our online form. Contact us today for an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Baker, and take the first step towards eliminating your pain.


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