Lynwood Plumber with First Choice Health Returns to Chiropractic Center to Relieve Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment helped our patient in the past, so he is again seeking relief for his neck, back and head aches. Working as a plumber requires significant bending and twisting to get at pipes in confined areas. Our Lynwood patient needs restored flexibility and strength to do his job well and without pain. Our patient has relied on a number of over the counter remedies to control the pain, but they are not helping. He needs a different approach, and he knows chiropractic treatment may be the answer.

Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker has the experience and expertise to return our patient to his strong and flexible self. Dr. Ben Baker offers not just pain control and improved flexibility, but also a proactive plan for our patient to avoid flare-ups in the future. By using chiropractic treatment, Dr. Ben Baker can correct misalignment of the back, perhaps caused by all the bending a twisting our patient does. A chiropractor can also discuss strategies for more proper posture throughout the work day, resulting in less pain and stiffness. Studies show chiropractic for the low back to be the most effective treatment for low back pain.

Our patient is also a baseball player, and he will be able to step back up to the plate once chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker completes treatment. Lynwood baseball fans will welcome his return.

Don’t let back or neck pain keep you out of the game. Call us today, or fill out our online form, and we will get you back on the starting lineup in no time.


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