Kirkland Runner with United Health Care Insurance Looks to Local Chiropractor to Help Lower Back Pain and Stiff Muscles

A Kirkland man, who used to enjoy a run every evening, found he was frequently cancelling his daily run due to lower back pain and stiffness. He wisely decided to visit our chiropractic center, Prime Spine, to meet with chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker. This man had already made the connection between his back pain and his poor posture; he routinely sat behind a desk for nine or ten hours a day, with much of it spent leaning over his computer. He’d heard that Dr. Baker works with individuals who want to improve their posture, their overall health and wellness, and who want to rid themselves of back pain.

He’d heard correctly. Dr. Ben Baker is trained in advanced chiropractic techniques, and has extensive experience in helping patients combat the effects of poor posture. At his Kirkland chiropractic center Dr. Baker offers back pain sufferers a natural approach to pain relief, and shares his knowledge on how to improve seated posture to prevent degeneration of the spinal discs, and resolve painful side effects. This man will benefit from the gradual realignment of his spine performed by Dr. Baker, and he’ll soon be able to return to his daily run.

Living with back pain and stiffness doesn’t have to be your daily reality. Call our office, or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment for you to meet with our chiropractor, Dr. Baker. It’s an appointment that you won’t regret keeping.


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