Seattle Runner With Regence Insurance Seeks Chiropractic Relief For Lower Back Pain

Recently, a Seattle running and track enthusiast visited our Kirkland chiropractic center, complaining of low back pain that was worse when he awoke each morning. In addition to lower back soreness, he was experiencing tingling in the area, a stiff neck and discomfort in his mid-back. He hoped that consulting with our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, would offer him some relief from the pain and some suggestions for preventing future occurrences.

Dr. Baker is a chiropractor who is very familiar with back pain. He’s experienced this type of pain personally, and the treatments he received from a chiropractor put him back on the road to a pain-free life. It also fueled his desire to train as a chiropractor, with the goal of helping other sufferers resolve their pain. At his Kirkland chiropractic center, Prime Spine, Dr. Baker treats many patients, such as this man, who are living with back and neck pain caused by poor seated posture at their workplace. Hours spent hunched over a desktop computer can cause numerous painful problems in the spinal region.

Dr. Baker can help this Seattle man improve his posture, and reduce his pain and stiffness, by gradually realigning his spine. He’ll also provide this patient with tips on how to improve his on-the-job posture habits.

If you’re suffering with lower, mid or upper back pain, call our center, or complete our online form. We’ll arrange an appointment with Dr. Baker to address your pain, and get you back on the road to good health.

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