Kirkland Soccer Player With United Health Care, Medicare Gets Help With Severe Back Pain

A Kirkland man suffers from lower back pain and stiff muscles related to his work. His back is in severe pain, its hard to stand or lay down. It has gotten so bad that now he has radiating pain down his left leg making him unable to participate in soccer like he used to love to do.

The pain spread to lower back, left leg and pelvis of the patient from Kirkland and required him to take pain medications. What he would like to achieve from his visit to the Chiropractic Center is relief from his pain in the back and legs. Also, he would like to be able to stop taking the pain medications which are addictive and cloud his mind.

The Chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker is an expert in treating lower back pain and stiffness in muscles. He has a great deal of experience treating just these types of injuries. His goal is to prevent the lower back pain and remove the tension from his legs and back, from his long hours at work. By visiting the Chiropractic center he wanted to be able to get back to playing soccer, a sport that he loved, while not needing to take any medication.

Seeing a chiropractor is an excellent way to improve your life by treating pain naturally. Call the chiropractor Dr. Baker at Prime Spine today, or fill out our online form to make an appointment and stop allowing your pain to keep you from living your life the way you want to.


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