Bothell Runner With Premera Suffering From Stiff Muscles and Neck Pain Finds Freedom From Medication from Chiropractor Dr. Baker

A patient from Bothell suffered a debilitating car accident. In the collision another car hit the side of his car hitting his head on the window and causing whiplash. Now he suffers from extreme neck pain with soreness to the touch, a stiff lower back and a thoracic spine that makes it painful to even lie down. In addition to these symptoms he is also suffering from double vision, loss of sleep and memory loss from the head injury.

In the search for relief from the pain the Bothell man had become dependent on a number of narcotic pain killers including Vicodin and Tylenol 3. Once an athlete, now, even with the pain killers it is difficult for him to participate in activities like running and gymnastics which he used to love. Our patient hoped to find freedom from the painkillers and relief from the pain from a visit to our chiropractic center.

Dr. Ben Baker is a chiropractor who is especially trained in treating just these types of injuries. He is an expert in treating back and neck injuries, particularly those caused by whiplash. Whiplash if left untreated can be devastating to your posture and can also manifest in a number of ways, including, primarily, neck pain and back pain as our Bothell man was suffering from.

If you are suffering from aches and pains or other back related injuries be sure to give the chiropractor call today. We can help you find freedom from pain, with out the risks associated with prescription medications.

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