Juanita Gymnast with United Health Care Finds Help with Lower Back Pain from Chiropractic Treatment

Putting in long hours in front of a desk, hunched over a computer had begun to take their toll on a Juanita woman’s back. Although she was a gymnast and had competed at the college level, she now experienced severe pain in her neck and both upper and lower back. The lower back pain and stiffness required her to take Lamotrigine, but even this was becoming less effective and she hoped to be able to stop taking it after a visit to our Chiropractic Center.

The Juanita woman hoped to relieve the aches in her back and find a release to the feeling of pressure by seeing the chiropractor. In addition to these goals she also wanted to be able to stop taking prescription medications for her pain and be able to once again participate in gymnastics.

The chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker has extensive experience in treating just these types of back and neck problems. This type of chronic muscle tension is often the result of stress and can cause just these types of aches and feelings of pressure in the back and neck. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective solutions for this type of injury and is much safer and more effective than using drugs or surgery.

Seeing a chiropractor can give you back a quality of life without pain or medication which you may not have thought was possible. Call Dr. Baker today or fill out our online form to make an appointment and stop allowing your pain stop you from living your life the way you want to.

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