Factoria Waitress finds Relief from Years of Leg Pain with a Kirkland Chiropractor

Leg pain can sideline servers. Waitressing is a hard job. Physically demanding and incredibly tiring, it can also be a lot of fun. It can also be dangerous. I know servers who have sliced hands open with the utensils, been cut by broken glasses and fallen while going through the servers’ areas. The floors are frequently wet, and we’re usually moving fast. That would be why I fell so many years ago. I was rushing into the kitchen, slipped on a wet floor and found myself sitting on my own serving tray.

I’m almost six feet tall and falling that distance straight onto my bottom hurt! Not only was it painful, but the embarrassment was so intense that I refused to fill out any paperwork. I insisted I was fine and just kept on rolling. Well, kept on limping was more like it.

It was years later before the regular leg pain set in. It started as numbness if I sat too long or a tingling sensation if I was in a taller chair and my legs were hanging down. I never thought it could be from that slip and fall, until I went to see a chiropractor for actual leg pain. I had actually hit so hard that it was the equivalent of being in a car accident, causing the discs to compress. Over time, they wore away at the cartilage and started to pinch a nerve. Ultimately, sciatic nerve pain was my reward for not seeking treatment immediately after that slip and fall.

Dr. Ben in Kirkland helped me get straightened out. I was so nervous about going to a chiropractor, but he came highly recommended. I was really uncomfortable about lying down on a table and letting a stranger feel around on my back. But he was so friendly and nice that he put me at ease almost immediately. It’s been more than six months since I had any back pain or leg pain, I just wish I’d thought to visit Dr. Ben sooner.

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