Recover from Car Accidents Faster with Kirkland Chiropractor at PrimeSpine

Car accidents are a real headache. No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but accidents do happen and the damage is often to more than your car. When you are struck from behind, the sudden strike can cause your head to fly back and cause whiplash. Even if you are the one who caused the accident, whiplash will probably occur from the sudden impact with the car ahead of you.

As many people have discovered over the years, whiplash is incredibly painful. The incredibly limitation to your range of motion is difficult to get used to. We’re accustomed to turning our heads to see traffic, look at items and in response to a noise. When you have whiplash that simple act becomes an exercise in frustration and excruciating pain. Your head simply won’t turn and when it does turn you are rewarded with shooting pain that flies through your neck into your shoulders and back.

Fortunately, this is something that chiropractic care can help correct. PrimeSpine chiropractic clinics, located in Juanita and Kirkland, specialize in treating injuries not only to the back but also to the extremities and spine. A series of adjustments to the neck and upper back can help put the bones that were whipped out of alignment in the accident back where they belong.

As the bones are returned to their proper positions, the pain will subside and normal range of motion will return. Rather than grimacing every time you turn your head, you will once again be able to crane your neck to see things all around you. Payment plans are accepted by Dr. Baker’s office as well as several different insurance companies. Don’t live with the pain another moment. Recover fully from your auto accident by visiting a qualified and caring chiropractor who can put things right again.

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