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People who are suffering from back pain are usually willing to call a chiropractor. But many people don’t realize that body pains outside of the back can easily be connected to back problems. Most of the body’s nerves run down the spine at some point, and compressed discs can put pressure on those nerves and create pain in the any part of the body.

Young people who are active in sports such as soccer, football, volleyball and track put their bodies under constant pressure and strain from the running and regular workouts. Gymnastics places incredible strain on the back and shoulders while karate can also be high-impact when students are engaging in sparring activities.

Most children and teens don’t stop to consider that they must take care of their bodies if they will be able to continue enjoying the sports activities as they grow and age. Regular visits with a chiropractor can help keep an athlete’s back in top condition with everything in proper alignment. One gymnastics coach in Bellevue is recommending to his team that they make regular trips to the chiropractor for routine maintenance.

Dr. Ben Baker is an athlete himself who once ran the Boston Marathon. He knows firsthand the strain that competitive sports can place on the body. After seeing the chiropractor for adjustments and following the doctors orders at home, the athletes are seeing positive results. Complaints about back pain are down, along with shoulder pain, leg pain, knee pain and other common repetitious sports injuries. There may be occasions when they are required to take a short break from certain activities, allowing their body time to heal and recover from minor injuries before they can become serious, lifelong problems. The athletes are staying healthier overall and are even performing better in competition.

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