Kirkland Chiropractor Relieves Migraines for Bellevue Resident

I have spent year looking to relieve migraines. Migraines are painful and miserable. The shooting pain, the throbbing misery and the inability to tolerate any light or noise make it impossible to function. Add to that the nausea and you’ve got a truly debilitating problem. For years I suffered with migraines. There seemed to be no relief from them other than to get a shot of medication and sleep them off.

I have friends who could find the triggers for their migraines. Caffeine, bleached flour and stress are a few of the culprits. I could never determine what my trigger was. A random article I read online led me to the chiropractor’s office. The article said that migraines that appear without any definable cause could be the result of a sublaxation of the spine. When vertebrae are misaligned the result can be chemical imbalances in the brain and migraines.

I decided to visit Dr. Baker in Kirkland for several reasons. I have Cigna and he accepts my insurance, and he was also willing to work out payment arrangements with me. What really sealed the deal was how comfortable Dr. Baker made me. He was friendly and took the time to talk to me through each visit. He showed me different things I could do to help protect the alignment of my spine, allowing me to continue enjoying my improved health.

It’s been a little over 18 months since I had a migraine and I still clearly remember how debilitating they were for my life. I do continue seeing Dr. Baker once a month or so just for preventive care, and the treatments have definitely worked. I love that I can go places now without constantly worrying that a migraine might strike, and my husband loves that I’m no longer in constant, searing pain from unavoidable migraines.

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