Pain Relief Doesn’t Have to Include Medications

This is my story about pain relief. Imagine being pregnant with your first child. It’s a joyous time, a time of dreams and hopes and celebration. For me it was also my first experience with severe back pain. During the second trimester I started having back pain. I mentioned it to my doctor and she informed me that some back pain was normal. But within a few weeks I was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand upright. I could barely even turn around when seated in a chair, and I knew that was most definitely not normal.

The doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but the pain was intense. Throughout the day a radiating pain permeated my entire lower back. Pain relief was what I wanted most. When I tried to move that pain would sharpen into an arrow that went streaming down the backs of both legs to my knees. If I was sitting in the car and tried to turn my body to get out of the car, shooting pain would strike my back, hips and legs.

Making matters worse was the fact that I was pregnant and could only take a certain number of pain pills. My mother suggested that I visit her chiropractor, but I was scared about going for spinal adjustments when I was pregnant. She talked to her doctor and he assured her that he had received special training for doing adjustments on pregnant women and I agreed to schedule a visit.

On my first visit to Dr. Baker I didn’t even have to describe the pain. He could see it on my face as I tried to walk down the hall. Grabbing the wall for stability and moving as slowly as molasses in winter, he patiently took my arm and helped me navigate the walk to the room. It didn’t take long to figure out what was wrong. I already had compressed discs from some old work injuries and the added weight of the pregnancy was fast making matters worse.

After a few weeks of adjustments I no longer had to worry about how many nsaids I was taking. I had pain relief! The pain was gone and I was able to enjoy my first pregnancy. He also gave me tips for avoiding the same problem with future pregnancies. With the pain gone, I could finally get down to the business of preparing for my babies arrival and I can’t thank Dr. Baker enough.

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