Woodinville Man Injured while Playing Golf

The last thing anyone wants is a golf injury. It’s supposed to be a relaxing sport. Challenging and enjoyable while also being a safe sport to participate in, golfing is the sport of choice for blue-collar and white-collar workers alike. One Woodinville man recently found out that even in the game of gold, injuries can happen.

My brother learned the hard way that while golf is a low-impact sport, it’s not without its perils. The lower back pain set in gradually. It started as a twinge, a brief flare of pain that would settle down quickly. But it started becoming more than a brief flare, and the time it took to fade away slowly became longer and longer. I kept trying to tell him that I thought it was from the constant bending and swinging on the golf course, but he didn’t want to believe me.

Soon the back pain was accompanied by shoulder pain. That’s when he finally admitted that perhaps the golf game was causing problems for him after all. He agreed to visit PrimeSpine chiropractic clinics in Juanita to see what could be done for him. He insisted that he would still meet me for the weekly golf outing in Redmond, but I wasn’t so sure he would be there based on the level of pain he was in.

He did miss that week’s golf outing, but that was the only one he missed. Not only did Dr. Baker help him get his shoulder and back straightened out, he also offered him advise that would prevent the injuries from happening again. My brother feels better, he’s enjoying the game again, and my only complaint is that he’s actually improved his score.

We both see the chiropractor regularly now so we can keep the spine working great and avoid common golf injuries that typically occur to the elbows, back, wrist and shoulders. Once again we can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and relaxing game without worrying about being in pain when we get home.

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