Karate Champion Seeks Chiropractic Care in Kirkland

Karate is more than chops, blocks and kicks. It’s also rolls, twists, turns and flips. It’s a great workout with the potential for both immediate injury and cumulative injury. I’m a karate instructor, a black belt with more than 15 years of karate experience behind me, a tournament champion and the only way I stay healthy and fit is with regular chiropractic appointments.

I admit that I used to laugh at chiropractors. I didn’t see how they could possibly do any good for anyone. Then I lost my footing in a sparring match and the landing left me seeing stars. For months after, my back was constantly sore. Sitting in one position too long would send shooting pains though my lower back and there were mornings when I could barely stand upright.

My doctor was prescribing heavier medications for the pain because Tylenol and Aleve just couldn’t bring me enough relief. Looking at my medicine cabinet, I was starting to feel like a junkie. My first thought in the morning was getting the pain meds and the need for them continued throughout the day. In desperation I finally took a friend’s advice and went to see a chiropractor.

I chose Dr. Ben Baker in Kirkland because he was highly recommended by a few friends. I walked into his office grumbling about my back pain and with a pretty poor attitude. But he was so patient with me, and he kept making me laugh. I couldn’t help but to come out in a better mood than I went in. In addition to regular adjustments he also showed me special stretches I could do to help keep things loose and limber when I’m working on my karate techniques.

My pain is gone now, and I am back to teaching my karate and running sparring classes. I’ll be in a tournament this fall and I’m confident that I will perform well. I’m especially confident now that my back pain is gone and my chiropractor is helping me keep everything in top order.

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