Woman Finds Relief for Leg Pain after Five Years with Kirkland Chiropractic Treatment

A Mercer Island woman finally found relief for her leg pain after suffering with it for more than five years. Late at night, Viola could usually be found in a hot shower. Water streaming down her back, tears would be streaming down her face from the incredible pain shooting down the back of both legs. Hot showers were alternated with cold ice packs and heating pads but the relief would only be temporary.

She had been telling her regular doctor about the pain for years, but they could never find a cause. Tylenol PM would help sometimes, but after a few months the over the counter pain killers gave way to heavier, opiate based medications. Even the relief she found with these pills would only be temporary, and the pain never faded completely.

Radiating through the lower back and shooting down her legs like narrow, barbed arrows, the pain would become unbearable at times. Sitting in the doctor’s office one day, tears flowing as she described the misery, he suggested that she try a chiropractor. Desperate for relief and willing to try anything, she booked an appointment with a Kirkland chiropractor at PrimeSpine.

A series of x-rays found the problem and a solution was quickly outlined. Over the years gravity had taken its toll. Viola had three discs in her back that had slowly compressed, placing regular pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Regular visits for adjustments were begun, along with exercises and stretches that Viola could do at home. Within the first few visits the pain began to subside. After a few weeks she was sleeping through the night again and two months later she felt like a new woman. Regular visits will have to be continued and she must take care to avoid further injury. However, relief is finally hers and the pain pills are a thing of the past.

Leg Pain reduction through chiropractic care

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