Kirkland Chiropractor Offers Help for Depression

It doesn’t seem possible that a chiropractor could help someone with depression. But that’s exactly what is happening with a Kirkland chiropractor. It seems hard to believe, but in addition to treating back, leg, shoulder and neck pain; chiropractors can also help people feel better mentally.

It’s called exercise therapy and it’s a growing trend in this age of natural remedies and healthy healing. People are tired of taking medications and looking for a better, safer, healthier alternative. Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine shows his patients exercises they can do that are safe, effective and will help ut through a black mood. There is more than twenty years of research supporting the effectiveness of this treatment. It has been found to help people that have problems with abusing alcohol it is also effective at treating depression and other mental illnesses.

I know that Dr. Bakers’ exercise therapies can help alleviate depression because I’ve done the treatment plan myself. He custom designed my plan based on my physical health and the exercises I was capable of doing. Paired with regular adjustments to get my spine straight and healthy again, the exercise therapies made a huge difference. I no longer require Zoloft and I’m functioning better than I have in years. My persistent aching back is gone along with my sour moods and feelings of helplessness.

Not only are my moods better overall, but I also feel better physically. An added bonus of the exercise therapy is that I’ve lost a few pounds and toned up my entire body. My family and friends can all see the difference in me and my performance at work has even improved now that I’m not battling depression. My entire life is different now and I owe it all to the incredible exercise therapies prescribed by Dr. Baker.

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