Bothell Child Finds Relief for Accident Pain At Local Chiropractor’s Office

Car accidents are always frightening, especially to young children. After my car was struck from behind in a car accident, my son started complaining about pain in his shoulders. The doctors ran every test they could think of. X-rays were ordered and were blood tests were run, but we could never discover why his shoulders were causing him so much pain.

I have some back problems and see a chiropractor in Juanita. When I told Dr. Baker about my son’s pain he suggested that I bring him in for a visit. I assured him that x-rays showed there was no spinal misalignment. But he told me that even with the spine in proper condition there could still be a way he could help. Chiropractors get so much credit for working with the back that I never realized they actually work with the entire body.

The treatment is called myofascial release and it’s designed to break up and release scar tissue that forms in the fascia of the skin. The fascia is connective tissue that covers the entire body. It’s all connected and interralated so it’s common for injuries in one area to cause pain in areas that seem unrelated to the injury.

Over the course of several weeks and treatments, the staff at the clinic literally massaged away my son’s pain. He found the treatments to be gentle and relaxing and reported that the pain was lessened after each treatment. It took about a month to get the pain to fade completely away, but it’s been more than a year and my sweet child is back to acting like a typical 8 year old. The complaints of pain are completely gone, his accident injury is healed and he is even comfortable riding in a car again.

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