Marathon Runner Prepares for the Race at the Chiropractors Office

I truly enjoy being a marathon runner. It’s thrilling for me to get into the groove and keep up with the crowd as the race travels through city streets normally reserved for vehicular traffic. But running also comes with some damage to the body. The constant pounding can be hard on the spine and knee joints as well as the feet. That’s why I make regular visits to the chiropractor as part of my training regimen.

Going in for regular adjustments allows my chiropractor to keep my back in top condition. When the back is straight and smooth, other joints in the body begin to fall into place the way they should. Problems such as premature joint degeneration are avoided because everything is sitting at the proper spot. Muscle strain is reduced and the overall stress on ligaments is lowered. The bottom line is that keeping the bones in the back lined up in their proper rows will allow the rest of the body’s joints to maintain their full range of motion.

I have also utilized myofascial release treatments to cure pain that has pestered at me when training for a marathon. The treatments are relaxing and soothing and they are highly effective. I will sometimes develop radiating pain that moves through my hips. Seeing the chiropractor for adjustments and myofascial release therapy takes care of the pain so I can get back to training faster.

The pinnacle of my marathon career was running in the renowned Boston Marathon. While I’m not planning on traveling to Boston for anymore marathons in the next few years, I really enjoy running in the local ones. Thanks to a healthy diet, consuming proper amounts of water and staying in contact with my chiropractor, I feel confident that I will be able to continue running marathons for years to come.

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