Volleyball Player Gets back in the Game with Kirkland Chiropractor

I love volleyball. I’ve been playing since I was in the 5th grade. The net in my yard doesn’t even come down for my brother to cut the grass; he just has to cut around it. I’m on the high school team and look forward to volleyball season every year. At least, I did look forward to it before my knees started hurting all the time.

It started with a little soreness. I would stand up after digging for the ball and find that my right knee felt a little tender. The tenderness spread to my left knee and I continued ignoring the soreness. Even when the tender feeling migrated into a brief flare of pain and then a constant dull throb of misery, I continued to ignore it. I just thought that with a little rest my knees would heal and the pain would go away.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. My knees not only kept hurting, but the pain continued to get worse. My father dragged me to his chiropractor in Kirkland, even though I kept insisting that I was fine and didn’t need to see a doctor. I also kept trying to tell him that chiropractors are for the back, not the knees.

Once again, it was proven to me that father knows best. Dr. Baker is actually more than a back doctor; he treats the entire body including the extremities. He not only straightened out discs in my back that were slowly shifting out of place, but he also successfully treated the pain in my knees. In addition to the treatments, he also made suggestions for how I could take better care of my knees at home. He also made me promise that I would start wearing the safety equipment that’s designed for my sport. We’re gearing up for volleyball season again, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to play in every game thanks to PrimeSpine and Dr. Baker.

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