Juanita Chiropractor helps Woodinville Boy with ADHD Symptoms

ADHD is common. My son has always been just a little bit different from the other kids. He was always a little more active. Where my friends’ children took naps for several hours a day, my son rarely took naps. As school started, my child was the one who squirmed in the chairs and generally found more trouble. The diagnosis of ADHD came when he was in the 1st grade, and medication followed in the 2nd grade. Even with daily doses of medication for his inability to sit still and stay focused, my son continued to struggle in the classroom.

I am a patient of Dr. Baker’s in Juanita. I was talking to him one day about my son’s challenges and expressing my frustration that his doctor wanted to add another medication to the mix. I was already uncomfortable with him taking one medication and I really did not want him taking two. That’s when Dr. Baker said that maybe he could help.

The spine is central to everything in the body. As vital as the brain, the spine and its condition can also affect all areas of the body. Problems that affect postural muscles can also affect the brain, including the condition of the spine. Some chiropractors, including Dr. Baker, are trained in treating patients who have ADHD. They can identify the neurological problems that may be making the condition worse and can provide non-invasive treatments that will help lessen symptoms or reduce the severity of the symptoms. In addition to doing treatments in the office, Dr. Baker also suggested dietary changes that proved to make a big difference in how well my son functioned.

I wish I could say that my little boy is fully cured and no longer has ADHD. But that’s not the case. He still has the condition and we continue to use behavioral modification treatment methods at home to help him learn how to live with it. He continues to take medication, but only takes one and the dose that he requires has actually decreased. At the same time his behavior has improved with better concentration and more acceptable behaviors at school.

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