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The symptoms for TMJ are more extensive than jaw pain. A chronic sore throat, strange pains in the ears and the inability to speak clearly are all symptoms of TMJ. Personally, I never had severe jaw pain, but I did suddenly find that I had trouble speaking. Words that I meant to say clearly were slurred, and even profound effort on my part could not get them to come out straight.

Other symptoms include toothache, tooth loss and headaches. While TMJ by itself isn’t severe, it will continue to get worse. The temporomandibular joint is the actual hinge that connects the lower jaw to the skull. When the jaw can not move freely and properly there are several problems that can result. Caused by grinding or clenching teeth on a regular basis, stress, arthritis of the jaw or a dislocation between the ball and socket of the joint, TMJ can cause discomfort or even serious pain. Not everyone will experience throbbing misery from it. Some people, like me, will simply feel tenderness in the area when they chew or speak. A face that feels tired is another symptom, as well as headaches and neck aches are regular symptoms.

I never connected my headaches to the tired feeling in my face. I certainly never thought my sudden problem with talking like I had marbles in my mouth was related. I went to visit Prime Spine in Kirkland because my lower back was hurting. After talking with Dr. Baker and slurring some words, he started asking me seemingly unrelated questions. When he suggested that I start on a treatment plan for TMJ I was shocked. As he explained how TMJ might be causing my other problems I was amazed.

The treatments for TMJ have completed and I am so relieved to be able to talk clearly again. My headaches are gone and the tenderness in my face is gone with them. I didn’t go to Dr. Baker to have TMJ treated, but I can’t thank him enough for helping me with the problem.

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