Mother of Four Runs with Kids Again

I recently visited chiropractor in Kirkland. I have four children and I love to play ball with them. Soccer, baseball, volleyball; I’m not picky. It’s family time for us that we all enjoy. At least, we enjoyed it before my back started hurting. It didn’t even start slowly. One day I was fine and the next morning, when I got up, I could barely walk. The shooting pain flared through my back, preventing me from bending over to even pull up my own pants. Once the kids were off to school, I lied on the couch and cried from the pain.

I called my mother to see what she suggested. Her response was to pick me up and drive me to her chiropractor Kirkland. She lives in Redmond, so I was a little confused as to why she went to a chiropractor in Kirkland, but I was already stuck in the car so I didn’t argue. It turns out that she makes the drive because PrimeSpine accepts Medicare. They also accept Blue Cross, which is my insurance company. My true relief came in finding out that they would take walk-ins.

He ran x-rays on me before doing any adjustments. The actual adjustment treatments began after he was able to review the x-rays, but he was able to put give me some treatments that day that helped bring me some relief. I still wasn’t able to run with the kids, but by the time they got home I wasn’t lying on the couch in tears anymore, either.

The treatments began for the herniated discs in my back. I had fallen on the job several years ago, but what had really undone my back was the way I was sleeping. I love to sleep on my stomach, and it turns out that is the worst thing you can do for your back. He not only did regular adjustments to get my back as straight as possible, he also talked to me about my sleeping habits and gave me lessons on how I could keep my back properly aligned throughout the day.

It’s been more than a year since I first walked into Dr. Baker’s office. My back pain has not returned. I know how to take care of my back now, and I can run and play with the kids once again.

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