Totem Lake Woman Gets Relief from Sciatica

Relief from Sciatica is imperative when you’re hurting. No one can know the pain caused by a pinched sciatic nerve unless they have lived through it. Not only will the shooting pain interfere with daytime activities, it also prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. I remember watching my mother struggle with sciatic nerve pain when I was a teenager, and I had no concept of how severe it was until I had my own battle with it in my thirties.

Thanks to my mother; when my sciatic nerve pain started I knew exactly what to do. I called her and asked who her chiropractor was and if she thought he could see me right away. I had watched my mother go for years suffering with the pain. The doctors knew the damage was in her lower back, but the pain wasn’t considered severe enough to justify the risks of surgery and her treatment consisted of pain medications. But then she visited a chiropractor and his treatments helped her find relief that would last.

The chiropractor she used so many years ago had since retired, but she referred me to PrimeSpine and her current chiropractor, Dr. Baker. I’m genetically disposed to herniated discs to begin with, and years of stubbornly refusing to ask for help when lifting items had taken its toll. Pregnancy has also worked some damage, along with a few workplace accidents I’ve had over the years. There was no one incident that caused the damage to my back; rather it was the culmination of years of abuse and misuse.

Not only did Dr. Baker straighten out my back to take the pressure off the sciatic nerve, he also educated me on proper back care. I still go in about once a month for an adjustment and to be sure I’m taking care of myself properly, but the pain is gone and I’m able to engage in normal activities without the searing, blinding pain of sciatica.

Relief from Sciatica

Kirkland chiropractor aids in Relief from Sciatica

Kirkland relief from Sciatica Solutions

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