Kirkland Family Finds Relief after Car Crash

I never thought I’d be involved in a car crash. I consider myself to be a careful driver, a cautious and safe driver. I anticipate what other drivers will do and am ready to respond. But some accidents can’t be avoided. When a woman passed out behind the wheel and rammed into my car as I sat at a light, there was nothing I could do to avoid the impact. Fortunately her foot had slipped off the accelerator, so the car was slowing down when she hit us. But my children were in the back seat and all of us were in a great deal of pain later that night. The car crash was terrifying.

The pain started at the base of our skulls and went down into our lower backs. My daughter cried that her head hurt, and ibuprofen only relieved her pain a little. My wife had some muscle relaxers in her arsenal, leftovers from a tumble she had taken at work. Those were fine for providing my wife and me with some relief, but we weren’t comfortable giving such heavy medications to our young children.

A friend recommended a chiropractor who is right in our city. Dr. Baker worked with us on the cost of the treatments since there was a lawsuit involved with the accident. More importantly, he treated the entire family. We all had whiplash and the searing pain in our necks prevented us from turning to even look at each other over dinner. Minute adjustments to the upper back, performed over the course of a few weeks, left each of us feeling like our old selves. My wife even shared with me that the headaches she had been plagued with after her accident at work were finally gone.

No medications or muscle relaxers were required to help us find relief. Physical therapy with the chiropractor and adjustments were highly effective at treating our pain and curing the whiplash.

Relief from a car crash

Kirkland chiropractor aids in car crash rehab

Kirkland relief for car accident victims

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