Kirkland Chiropractic Care can Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is annoying. Tylenol, Advil and Ibuprofen are fine for the short term relief of pain. When seeking long-term relief from the pain of tennis elbow, however, your best bet for health is to visit a chiropractor. The offices of PrimeSpine in Kirkland know how to properly treat and care for tennis elbow so you can get back on the job quickly.

Formally known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an injury that is commonly seen in tennis but can happen to anyone. Inflammation rarely occurs in cases of tennis elbow, but pain is common and the entire area can become tender and sore.

Signs include pain that occurs in the elbow, weakness of the wrist, pain at the outside of the elbow when the wrist extends fully or when the fingers are straightened against resistance and pain when pressing directly on the outside area of the elbow. Symptoms of tennis elbow can also be present when the neck is injured, making it important to have a chiropractor perform a thorough exam.

Other symptoms include difficulty lifting items due to the pain or pain that occurs when gripping something. The injury may resolve itself in a few weeks, but the condition can also persist for years if not treated by a chiropractor.

Chiropractors like Dr. Ben Baker do not just focus on the spine. They are able to treat many conditions throughout the body that affect the bones and tendons throughout the body. As chiropractors perform minute adjustments to the bones, the pain in the elbow can be relieved by reducing the pressure on the ligaments.

Taking medication will bring temporary relief from the radiating pain of tennis elbow and the constant tenderness that makes it difficult to lift and perform daily activities. However, taking the time to visit a chiropractor can bring you relief from the pain faster as the actual injury is treated.

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