Microsoft Prime Chiropractor

Microsoft Prime Hope! Dr. Ben is a chiropractor who is here to help!  He is a vendor for Microsoft Prime and has your back!  He has a vast knowledge of how to help you computer workers with your posture.   Pain is so common with computer bound professionals.  Getting your posture analyzed and corrected is your best bet to feel and function your best.


Microsoft Prime is proud to announce Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine in Kirkland, WA is offering free chiropractic exams, and as a gift for your analysis you will receive  a free fitting and pair of ALINE foot insoles.  They are the world’s most advanced shoe insole.  Dr. Baker is a marathon runner who works with many athletes.  He has extended his focus of the feet to the staff at Microsoft.  He understands that you do not have to be an olympian to need proper foot support.

Feel free to come in to get the complimentary analysis your spine has been begging you for!

Call Dr. B today at 425-825-8750.


Microsoft Prime

Treatment for MIcrosoft Prime workers today! Appointments available when you need them!

Free consultation for those with Microsoft Prime benefits!


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