Children also need Chiropractors

Most people take their children to the doctor for annual examinations. It’s important to know that your child is still healthy and growing properly because you can’t see inside their bodies. While most people will gladly take their child to the doctor to have height, weight and overall health evaluated, they don’t think to take them to the chiropractor. However, the health of the spine can affect the entire body.

The spine interconnects everything and ties it all together. Problems in the lower back can pinch nerves and send shooting pain down into the legs. A compressed disc in the middle to upper back can create searing pain through the shoulders and arms while bulging discs in the neck can plague people with tension headaches, migraines and other miseries.

Children don’t always know how to verbalize exactly how their body feels, and they certainly don’t understand how everything is connected through the spine. Many children are suffering from body pains and back pain because there is a mentality that they are “too young” to have back pain. Yet children are the most prone to back injuries, especially when they are involved in sports like football, gymnastics, soccer and any other activities where they may fall frequently.

Children are also notorious for pushing themselves beyond their limits because they have not yet learned the importance of pacing themselves and taking care of their body. If your child is involved in a sport and is complaining of back pain, or if they are complaining of headaches or other pains that seem to have no cause, consider making an appointment with Dr. Baker of PrimeSpine.

Located in Kirkland and Juanita he will examine your child and determine whether or not chiropractic adjustments are warranted. Taking care of the spine at an early age can help your child stay healthier and safer throughout his lifetime while also relieving the pain that she is feeling.

Children Deserve Chiropractic

Kirkland chiropractor works with children

Children are healthier with chiropractic care

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