Host a Wellness Fair for Healthier Employees

Healthy employees are productive. When your staff is hurting from carpal tunnel syndrome or other work-related injuries their productivity will be reduced. People suffering from stabbing back pain or chronic neck spasms are not able to think as clearly as they could. Helping employees stay in top physical condition with no serious pain can increase productivity for the company. Educating your staff about proper body mechanics and how to take care of their back can help you keep them healthy and productive.

Dr. Ben Baker of PrimeSpine chiropractic will visit your office for lunch and learn seminars. Educating your staff about how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and keep their backs healthy is part of reducing the overall liability of workmen’s compensation claims. He specializes in the back but also treats the extremities. He can teach your employees how to keep their backs in proper alignment and how to avoid costly workplace injuries.

Host a Wellness Fair and invite Dr. Baker to come in and share his knowledge with your team. In addition to proper lifting techniques, he can help teach employees how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. Learning how to properly sit, stand and even sleep are essential to keeping the back healthy and in line. Dr. Baker will teach your employees these important skills so they can stay healthy. He can also instruct them in the proper use of ice for pain, stretching exercises to relieve the aches and pains that come at the end of the workday and foot supports that can be used to help employees in industrial fields.

A healthy workforce will not require as many sick days. Workers compensation claims can be reduced when the employees know how to prevent injuries. Fewer sick days and improved employee productivity will result in higher profits for your company.

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