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Sciatic nerve pain shoots through your body from the lower back to the lower legs. It can make any movement unbearably painful. Simply rotating your body to exit a car can be agonizing and the easy act of sitting can be excruciating. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for correcting the herniated or compressed discs that put pressure on the sensitive sciatic nerve. However, the overall treatment program involves much more than spinal adjustments.

Dr. Ben Baker at PrimeSpine chiropractic in Juanita and Kirkland knows how to treat the misery of sciatic nerve pain. A combination of short-term pain relief is paired with long-term treatment and basic lifestyle changes. Following this multi-pronged approach allows patients to enjoy immediate relief, a long-term solution to the problem and the ability to prevent the sciatic nerve pain from returning.

It all begins with spinal adjustments to begin moving the spine back into alignment. This does not provide the immediate relief that people are seeking, but is the start of long-term treatment. Short-term relief comes from cryotherapy to relieve the inflammation and ease muscle spasms. This treatment is easily followed at home for relief even after you leave the office. Manual therapy is also used to help muscles that have tensed up to relax.

Combining these treatments provides necessary short-term relief. The long-term relief comes from both physical therapeutics and making lifestyle changes per Dr. Baker’s directions. Sleeping patterns can greatly affect spinal alignment, and the professionals at PrimeSpine will help teach you how to make yours healthier for the spine. Other changes involved physical therapeutics to help strengthen core muscles, further relieving the pressure on the spine.

Proper treatment for sciatic nerve pain is available at your local PrimeSpine office. Relief can be yours in less time than you think, along with the knowledge you need to protect your back and continue enjoying a pain-free life.

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