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The body’s nervous system is an incredible superhighway of sensations and information. Every twitch and tingle from the ends of your toes to the fingernails is relayed to the brain through this system, and it all goes through the spine.

This simple fact makes it easy to understand why a back that’s having problems can cause symptoms in any part of the body. Just as a blocked exit ramp on the highway can cause problems miles away on the road, a blocked nerve in the spine can cause problems in the wrist or foot. The most serious spinal damage is when the cord is severed, causing paralysis to everything below that point in the cord. There is no treatment for this issue, but there are many treatments that can be done for nerves that are pinched by compressed discs.

PrimeSpine clinics in Juanita and Kirkland understand the incredible effect of the spine on the nervous system. Dr. Baker appreciates how much one disc out of alignment can affect the nerves that run through that area. He knows how to manipulate the spine to restore it and make it as straight as possible, releasing the pressure on the nerves.

If you have been experiencing pain in the legs or feet, arms or hands and the doctors are unable to help you find a reason; visit Dr. Baker. He will examine your back and determine if the issue actually lies with pinched nerves in the back. He will then work out a treatment plan with you for restoring proper alignment to the spine and helping you feel better. All major insurance plans are accepted and walk-ins are welcomed. Call today to make an appointment and see what great chiropractic care can do for you.

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